Airvault Gallery

Yes, I am doing remarkably badly at the blog catchup thing but do not believe that I have no intention of filling the gaps. I just need time and space.

We have reached Airvault, apparently at the same time as Spring,  and are staying on a caravan site just outside the town. Nell is very happy here as there is ample off-the-lead walking for her and this in turn makes us happy too. Walks are a more pleasant task when the dog can run freely.

We are at Camping de Courte Vallèe, a former municipal site now owned by an English couple. The municipal leisure facilities here are a change from the usual swimming pool and football pitch neighbours. No, here we have a country park! Just out of the gate, a little way down a traffic free lane, and over the river and hey presto, doggy heaven.

After Nell’s morning walk today we ventured into town for lunch. It was raining but I took the camera anyway. Here are a few of the results.

Click any image for a larger view. Once viewed large try the PREVIOUS IMAGE arrow on the right of the screen to navigate to the next image in large size. Crazy, I know, but it works.

We move on to Montmorillon tomorrow and then back to Lathus for a while. There is no hookup at Lathus so the  laptop will stay in the cupboard – no updates expected whilst we are there. Instagram is the best to be expected.