Where were we?

I mean it; where were we?

Dusting off the blog today, doing necessary security updates etc. and was planning to put some flesh on the bones of our recent trips. What do I find but that a complete six week trip has gone missing, with both the Evernote location notes and the IG photo updates not having come through to here.

It looks as though I have a great deal of work to do!

In the meantime, you can find the short versions that should have copied across to this blog right here>>>

The location notes are simply vapour and I shall need to write up the entire itinerary.

Bridge over the Vienne at Availles-Limouzine

Just to fill in a bit: our latest jaunt was two nights in Availles-Limouzine (28/29 July) – more of which soon.

We are moving

We are moving Two Snails to a new server. Things may be up and down for  while.

As part of the moving process we plan to try inserting the archive posts from the old Koken blog into this WordPress blog. Not sure how that is going to go but if we manage it, the old posts will appear under the category of History

A new chapter begins

Yesterday we rose at 5am and were away (in the car) before 6 o’clock and on our way to Paris, or rather, to the north-west …

He’s gone

Vincent has now been sold and returned to the UK. Tomorrow the house becomes ours. We have some more French red tape to deal with …

Off the road

Just the briefest of catchups after a long silence. We have been off the road since the 13th April, when moved into our rented property. …

Out of time

Today I have spent my whole time in catching up on Windows Updates whilst we still had power and data. We are moving on tomorrow morning to an aire in Spain, with no hookups. After that, who knows. So, my updating fest will come screeching to a halt and will resume at some point in our travelling future.

See you on the other side.