Month: <span>August 2020</span>
Month: August 2020

Day one (again)

Counter reset as we embark on a new trip. Day one, to Louroux de Bouble. A longer than usual leg for us on this first day, with a shopping trip in Montlucon along the way to fetch goodies from Grand Frais.

In honesty, a shorter trip would have been better. Dusty came in last night for a change (it was raining) and spent most of the night on our bed, frequently waking us up for attention.

He is of course now complaining that he has been kept in for /weeks/.

Noisy little beggar.

We are making good time on a familiar route, with low volume traffic. I am thankful that it is not too taxing for a tired driver.

Another half an hour to Montlucon then perhaps a further forty minutes to tonight’s CCP Aire. Should be parked up by afternoon coffee time if all continues well.

This is a test of post by mail
Perhaps it will serve us better than the failing IG: IFTTT posting method.

No pic with this.