Month: <span>October 2019</span>
Month: October 2019

A dismal start to our journeys and it tipped down most of the way. Happily the sun was waiting for us in Lamagdalaine, where we had approached by a new and “interesting” route by courtesy of the new SatNav. I will admit it, it made me feel quite sick… Lamagdelaine is a useful first stop for us, just about three hours from home. A small village, not far from Cahors (a nice wine!), there is a CCP Aire, right by a boulangerie, a bar and a farm produce shop. As is often the case, it is also immediately adjacent to the football field. The pitches are separated by walnut trees – Dusty likes to climb these. It is walnut season now but signs indicate that no picking is allowed… these walnuts are the preserve of the Mairie. Mr L and Nell have gone for a walk. I am sitting here with my sprained ankle elevated. #wp

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VanNessa is just about fully packed and ready for the off. I have emptied the house fridge and freezer and crammed as much as I possibly can into Nessa’s tiny facilities.

We shall be eating some very peculiar meals for the first few days…

All that is needed now is to wash up after dinner and then to move the saucepans into the van. I just hope that I don’t forget to do that last part.

We are not intending to do a great deal of cooking on this trip (we should hit salad weather fairly soon) nor do we plan to eat “posh” (no room in the van for dining-out clothes) so there may not be much to report under this tag of gastrovanners. Time will tell.