A dismal start to our journeys and it tipped down most of the way. Happily the sun was waiting for us in Lamagdalaine, where we had approached by a new and “interesting” route by courtesy of the new SatNav. I will admit it, it made me feel quite sick… Lamagdelaine is a useful first stop for us, just about three hours from home. A small village, not far from Cahors (a nice wine!), there is a CCP Aire, right by a boulangerie, a bar and a farm produce shop. As is often the case, it is also immediately adjacent to the football field. The pitches are separated by walnut trees – Dusty likes to climb these. It is walnut season now but signs indicate that no picking is allowed… these walnuts are the preserve of the Mairie. Mr L and Nell have gone for a walk. I am sitting here with my sprained ankle elevated. #wp

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