The day is coming

More than ten years after the idea was first mooted, we now have our RV and Mr Snail leaves tomorrow for his final week in work. Once he comes home on Friday we can up and go whenever we feel like it, though current plans have us going towards the end of September.

So now seems like the right time to sort out our home on the web – welcome to Two Snails v.3.0.

Version 1.0 lived on but was replaced when WordPress introduced adverts to free sites. Two Snails does not, nor ever will, support advertising. We are an ad-free zone!

Two Snails v.2.0 was built on a content management system called Koken, designed for photography portfolios.  It displays photographs beautifully but was a little inflexible about structure when it came to written material. It also became impossibly slow in the back end and the fear was that it would simply take up too much time and bandwidth once we hit the road. So, here we are, back with WordPress but self-hosted this time and hopefully with the aid of a good gallery plug-in and a beautiful theme template we should be looking good to go before too long.

For now, if you have found this post, please return to Two Snails v.2.0, which is the current live version.

Mrs Snail will continue with the housekeeping and invite you in once the cushions have been plumped and the silverware polished.

No time for primping – we’re committed to the change. Green for Go. Feel free to consult the archives at Two Snails v.2.0 whenever you wish. One day, eventually, maybe, I shall complete the notes on our past adventures. I hope and trust that Version 3.0 will be kept up to date with  far less difficulty.