Popped Out Again for Another Posh Nosh

Snail Trail for October 2021

It doesn’t seem possible to embed Polarsteps trips, unfortunately – so it isn’t going to be the useful tool that I had hoped for. Here’s a link


I need to think harder about how to get our trip records into the blog without loading myself with a ton of work.

In the meantime, I have further updates from recent weeks to do.

2 thoughts on “Popped Out Again for Another Posh Nosh

    1. Thanks for this, Liz. It’s not yet working out ideally and I need to get my thinking cap on but at least it’s a way to get *something* into the blog. Too often I spend our time at home doing the laundry and repacking and we are off again before I can get caught up. Which reminds me, i should be ironing Steve’s “going out in” clothes and not sitting here 🙂 I got as far as setting up the ironing board so today has been productive so far LOL

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