Month: <span>October 2016</span>
Month: October 2016

Day 13, Shimmering in Pitlochry

Having stayed at Huntly for the two extra days we now had to make our way down to Pitlochry in one day. We had tickets …

Days 9 – 12, at Huntly

Monday and Tuesday were planned for Huntly Castle Caravan Park, a site that we enjoyed very much indeed. The weather remained beautiful and there was much walking by the river and elsewhere. The weather however was promising a turn for the worse, with gale force wind and heavy rain. We swiftly booked a further two nights rather than face the elements at Glenshee.

Huntly Castle
Huntly Castle

Unfortunately even with two extra nights, I still did not find time to fit in a trip around the castle.

Huntly did endear itself to me and I am sure that we shall return, not least because Mr Snail will have a follow up appointment at the ARI in six months’ time. The hourly bus service leaves from a stop very close to the site and takes a little over an hour, dropping off right outside the hospital. It is very convenient.