Something Must Be Done
Something Must Be Done

Something Must Be Done

Clearly we have been doing way too much travelling to allow me to do any documenting or reflecting. This rather makes a nonsense of all of the time that I spend taking photographs and thinking about the text that will go with them.

I think it unlikely that I shall ever catch up and it’s ridiculous that I wish to be ordered and methodical by going back and starting at the beginning and so…

…I am going to start updating this blog from our most recent adventures and work my way backwards as far as I can find the energy for.

I have some challenges and primary among these right now is that I am trying to organise my Lightroom files. In doing so, I seem to have broken and lost a few things. There is a project afoot to learn video and I have some kind of idea that if I shoot video with commentary I can upload that here with little fuss and no need to find time in which to edit photos, rummage in my memory banks, and write text. I have no idea whether or not that approach will work but once Lockdown is over and we go off again I am hoping that my b=video skills will have reached an appropriate level. we shall see how it goes.

We returned from Brittany on Saturday, the most recent of three trips made so far this year (we wanted to fit in as much adventure as possible before the inevitable further lockdown happened). It’s high time that I got busy and wrote up that trip, New post coming later, I hope. As in “later today” rather than a nebulous “later in time”. If it gets too large perhaps “later” will become “tomorrow” or possibly “Saturday” but I am going to get stuck in just as soon as I have had a coffee break, I promise.

Mr Snail has been experimenting with Polar Steps in his own attempt to document our travels. I hope to include links to his efforts in each post.

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