Gousto: Mexican Pork Chilli with Apple Salsa

  • Date made: 25/01/2017
  • Used: both gas rings
  • I added: Corn tortillas
  • ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Reviewing the finished dish is difficult due to the main flavouring component having suffered an accident in transit – I had to make the dish without the Smoky Chipotle Paste.

A simple one-pan dish, easily and quickly made.

Frying off the meat and onions

Add flavourings and stock and simmer until thick (Bulgur Wheat cooking in the pan at rear)

Top with cheese and serve with the Bulgur and a salsa of apple, onion and celery

There was no need for the tortillas that I added, the dish was plentiful and satisfying.

Verdict: okay but not startling. Would try again in order to get the full flavour with the Chipotle paste included.

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