Day 5

We paused this morning to empty waste and fill with water then drove up into the town and parked in order to buy ice cream supplies and morning rolls from Harry Gow’s.

I tried to buy a collapsible steamer basket in a hardware shop without success but was pointed across the road at the charity shop which had several proper steamer baskets. See forthcoming post on items that we forgot to pack.

Also forthcoming are reviews of Sea Breezes site and Sid’s Spice restaurant.

Today’s report is brief as we will be off grid for a while and the Macbook eats battery power like nothing ever before seen.

So, Brora was great, we will return.

The drive down was almost uneventful, apart from the loony caravan tower who shot out of a junction right in front of us at a speed designed to roll his van. He was lucky both not to do that and that we also managed to avoided ramming him in the process.

Our LPG had run out just past Wick. We normally fuel up at Skiach and that was the plan for today but we have been caught out before and found the pump dry. It’s OK coming North but not brilliant heading South, so we stopped for a quickie at Evelix, despite the price, so that if Skiach came up dry we would at least be running on gas for a while. Luckily we are now completely full on both auto and domestic tanks.

A further stop at Dingwall Tesco to ensure that we have supplies with which to entertain our weekend visitors and then we were here. Brahan  is as wonderful as we remembered and we plan to have  a very enjoyable stay. Tomorrow we may go out after some geocaches.

The camera has not been out of the bag today but there are a couple of phone snaps on Facebook, with the views from the front seats. Will try to do better tomorrow but it may be Huntly (Tuesday) before I can report again and upload photos.

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