All change, D-day minus 3

I know that writing up A Plan was bound to be tempting trouble. No sooner did I have it all written down than it’s all change again.

Mr Snail was twitching about the weather and mourning the fact that there was a good spell coming up earlier in the week but poor weather timed for our departure.

I probably ought to kick myself but I have to confess that I opened my mouth to say that well, if he wanted to get away and make the most of it, it made more sense than just sitting here filling in time until we go…

Ferries have been re-booked and we now leave on Monday morning. We have two days in which to ready ourselves and Hank. What doesn’t get done, does not get done.

We now have far more of a holiday to enjoy on the way down south, though filling in the first part so that we arrived at Brahan on time seemed dauntingly challenging at first – especially when the site at Dunnet Head said that their ground was too wet to take us. We considered turning right at Scrabster for a few days and stopping at Farr Bay or Borgie Forest. Then I had another good idea, why don’t we just arrive early at Brahan and spend more nights there. It is such a lovely site, as good as being Wild in fact and is very cheap. It has the added benefit of miles and miles of walking on the estate. So, we are doing just that and are now having three nights there.

On the way down we shall wild at Sibster Forest, Duncansby Head and Dunbeath Harbour. We have a night booked on a Certified Site at Brora before finally heading down to Brahan. A far more leisurely journey than the original planned one of dashing to Brahan straight from the ferry. There will be more walking, extra beaches and also an Indian meal. Much to look forward to.

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