Gousto: Easy Chicken Biriyani
Gousto: Easy Chicken Biriyani

Gousto: Easy Chicken Biriyani

  • Date made: 26/01/2017
  • Used: induction hob
  • I added: a handful of cashew nuts, then served with Geeta’s Mango Chutney and Chapatis on the side
  • ♥ ♥ 

Sorry, no photographs.

Kit delivered yesterday and this dish was marked  as use by 29th January but the beans were already beginning to rot and I threw several mushy and slimy ones out.

Not a good start

Not really a Biriyani as I know it, more of a curry-flavoured risotto –  but it was rated at 15 minutes cooking time so I expect it is aimed at people who don’t really want to cook rather than enthusiastic cooks who love to eat. No garlic or ginger involved, nor any esoteric spices – just onion and  a packet of curry powder.

There was plenty to eat and I struggled to finish even without eating much chapati, which the dog enjoyed on my behalf.

I liked: that the French beans remained al dente

I disliked: lack of chilli heat, unsubtle flavour, stickiness/stodgy rice

Verdict: quick and easy but dull and lacking in flavour. Would not buy this again.

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