Gousto: Crunchy Asian Beef & Vermicelli Salad
Gousto: Crunchy Asian Beef & Vermicelli Salad

Gousto: Crunchy Asian Beef & Vermicelli Salad

  • Date made: 27/01/2017
  • Used: one gas ring and a kettle
  • I added: nothing 
  • He added: Soy Sauce at the table as he felt it lacked salt
  • I changed: Did not roast the (already roasted) peanuts nor did I bother to chop them
  • If I made it again: I would like more nuts in the dish. I would add them to the beef before completing with the finishing sauce.  More onions, more ginger, more chilli. I might also replace the lettuce with further crunchy veg such as radishes and white turnip, perhaps some courgette ribbons. Coriander leaf would finish t he dish off nicely.
  • ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Mixed  opinions  on this one; I enjoyed it but Mr Snail did not really appreciate, though he did eat his whole enormous portion. It was good to have plenty of veg stuff for a change.

Ready to cook

There  was much prep, not something that I would normally mind but in the campervan it was awkward to manage.

Prepared veg for the salad
Frying off the beef and ginger

My finishing sauce did not behave properly and I was left with a large pool of fat in the pan. 

Ready to eat

Verdict: It was okay but we both thought it lacked punch. More chilli heat would have been good. We also felt that the dish needed more than the miserly two spring onions provided,

I would probably not order this again but would happily use as inspiration for my own version, which would likely be pork mince or chicken thighs rather than beef.

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