What to do?

The original plan had us arriving here at Ribamar today and then we had hoped to stay for a month. We arrived a week ago yesterday and find ourselves already thinking about moving on.

ChloĂ© is gone and tonight will be her 8th night out. It has been 7 days since she was reportedly sighted at 05:30 on a neighbouring van’s roof, since when there has been no trace. We have to conclude that she will not now return. Our stay here has been marred, the windy weather is affecting some moods further and on top of that we feel bad about cooping Dusty up in the van. All in all, the time would seem to have come for us to depart.

There is a window in the weather on Wednesday that would make for better driving.

Yet there remains a feeling that we will suffer guilt if we do go. Should we stop longer, giving her more opportunity to return?

If we do go, perhaps sooner is better than later as the weather is set to cool and we are considering cutting across country, which means hitting some elevation. We don’t have snow chains.

An alternative would be to take the longer route down and around the coast, which means of course… the bloody Costas! Mr Snail has found a promising looking site in a national park in the far south east of Spain but it would require an overnight stop somewhere along the way and two reasonably hefty days of travel.

I can place a stake in the ground here and now and state that I flatly refuse to stop at Benicassim – or anywhere remotely similar!

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