There and back again

We took Dusty for a walk after lunch, packing him in his backpack carrier until we were off the campsite. He had his jacket on and we attached him to a leash initially. We let him lead us and he took off from the reservoir road and into some waste land. It looked like a safe place to try him off the leash.

Mr Snail got some mountaineering in whilst attempting to retrieve the cat 😃

So, back on the leash once more, and we turned around and crossed the railway line, following the access road for the railway tunnels. This road was almost devoid of both traffic and people, just one car passed us – though in both directions.

Dusty walked really well and we must have done around 4 Km in total. Perhaps he will sleep well tonight.

I do have photos but am disinclined to dig out the laptop at this point. Perhaps when we come to a halt for more than two nights together…

Having taken the big camera out with me it was disappointing, though predictable, that no eagles were about this afternoon.

I think that we should try to get Dusty out for a walk more often, though it is difficult to find places where there are no people or traffic to spook him.

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