Forward progress

On our way again. The sun is shining and although a few clouds persist, there is no rain at present.

We serviced the van thoroughly this morning as today’s destination was recently reported to be lacking fresh water. With two nights planned there and a further two nights parked up with no services at all, we needed to fill the fresh and completely empty the waste.

If all goes to plan we have four lovely days scheduled remaining in Spain… and then will settle in Sagres for some time.

Only one hurdle in view and that’s travelling around Seville, with the dreadful spectre of the shopping centre thrown in. I hate to go but we do know that there’s a "good" pet shop there where we can stock up on a few necessary items such as a replacement dog lead.

I place "good" in quotes because although the shop is well stocked and is also a veterinary centre… it sells live animals and it makes me distressed to see them. I cried last time. I just blubbered. All those little fur babies being kept in glass tanks with no maternal love or care.

I will take a hankie in with me today.

A splendid lunch is in view today. Should more than make up for the dreadful example we were served yesterday.

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