Nous avons retourné

After a lengthy hiatus during which we returned to the UK, we are now back on our travels in France.

We left Yorkshire for Calais on Friday (a day early to avoid forecast snow) and stayed over at Cité Europe. Yesterday we changed plans and instead of going to the Aire at St Valery we drove over towards Abbeville and came to a site (Camping Château des Tilleuls) in order to have use of the laundry.  The site looked promising with the canalside walk along the Somme not far away. Poor Nell has been on leashed exercise for weeks now and really needs a good run so we hoped to do some long walks.

The weather is bitterly cold so I cannot claim to be too disheartened that the road outside is not at all suitable for walking! I can however bemoan my luck, once again in carefully selecting a site and paying for its facilities only to find the facilities are not in use. The laundry room door is screwed tightly shut and I am walking around in very dirty clothes. Not for the first time, as regular readers will know. I have very bad luck with laundry rooms.

I am very aware that the blog is in a real mess with months of catching up to do. I keep promising to sort it out but life takes over. How about I begin with a small ambition to make a few notes on what we got up to in the UK?

Tomorrow we think we will go to Honfleur, where the Aire has a few electric hookups. Should we be lucky enough to get one of those, I will try hard to make those UK notes tomorrow evening.

It is time to draw a line in the blog; maybe restructure. our life is changing and our travelling habits will be changing too, now that France has become our base.

Just for now, all that I am doing is waving hello and saying “We are still here don’t go away!”

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