What do you mean, SNOW?

I can confirm that the Cava was indeed good, which is more than may be said about the weather. The rain it did rain, and oh, how it rained, all night, and the wind it did actually blow a little… Wild enough to keep us awake for hours. 

Mr L and Nell went out at 08:00 and then came back to bed to warm up. When we woke up again later, I remarked on the snow – which I could see piled up on the skylights.  The response I had was not the one that I had expected: “what do you mean, snow?” Yes, the accumulation had occurred in the time that we had been snoozing warming up. There had been no snow earlier in the day,

Anyway, we had slept through what must have been a really heavy snowstorm as there were inches of the stuff lying on the ground despite its being so wet. 

I gather that snow is not a common occurrence in these parts:


No photos of the snowy landscape from me I am afraid but there is this

and see  here and here. Why they are the same image, I don’t know as I took two and thought I’d shared one to one place and the other elsewhere. Clearly not functioning well today.

We were due to leave Zauratz today but decided that it was best and safest to just hang out here until the weather improves. It’s not much of a hardship… although I have now rotated through all four desserts offered on the daily menus and will need to start again.

The plan now is to wait for the weather and then to move on further than we would have done today and in fact to make  a long trip to another campsite rather than find an Aire. Let us hope that the coming showers are as good as the ones here… and I don’t mean the snowy ones.

One thought on “What do you mean, SNOW?

  1. Congratulations Steve & Beth on selecting the nomadic life – at least for a while.

    A few years ago we “roamed” from Aberdeen to John O’Groats to Land’s End to Heathrow for three weeks, living in a tent. Now we have a VW Westfalia in which we enjoy very much roaming the Canadian countrysides.

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