Out of time

Today I have spent my whole time in catching up on Windows Updates whilst we still had power and data. We are moving on tomorrow morning to an aire in Spain, with no hookups. After that, who knows. So, my updating fest will come screeching to a halt and will resume at some point in our travelling future.

See you on the other side.

The Journey Thus Far

We finally knuckled down to recording our journey. Mr Snail is maintaining a spreadsheet. I have copied and pasted it into a WordPress Page so that it is available in the blog. Perhaps I will pretty it up a little and maybe we will add further info, who knows. For now it is just a basic list/table. Hope to add a map route at some point.

Snail Trails

Clearly, there have been changes…

It rapidly became clear that this blog could not go on as planned, as a detailed record of our trip with reviews of sites and so on. It proves to be just to difficult to marry together free time with a Wi-Fi signal, available bandwidth and a power supply. Bandwidth has been a particular issue.

Regular readers will have noticed a new style of posting – I am trying out Instagram as a way to squirt a literal snapshot of where we are and what we are up to. I am not very good with Instagram or my phone aps in general so there may continue to be some hiccups until I sort myself out.

Apart from these Instagrams I will try to write odd posts as a summary or to highlight special features. The site reviews are almost certainly going to bite the dust completely.

There is a draft post on file for the fifth week of our trip but as we are leaving the site we are currently on, I may well not be able to complete it for a while yet.

So, here’s a very quick and dirty summary: It is the eighth week of our trip and today begins our fifth week in France. Time is passing quickly and we are enjoying ourselves. We have reached Brittany and are at Camping Les Salines near Plurien and Sables d’Or Les Pins.

The weather has been mostly kind but we have had some refreshing rain from time to time. Will try to add a gallery of photos for our travels whenever I can. Today’s featured photo is from Monet’s garden at Giverny, a stopover that certainly requires a gallery all of its own.

The Traveller’s Compendium

Just a note about a new Post Category “Compendium” and a Page to go with it.

 Some new posts regarding useful information for travellers will be categorised as  “Compendium” and those posts will (if I remember) be indexed on  a Page named The Traveller’s Compendium of Useful Stuff.

I am not sure how I dare to assert myself regarding blog organisation when I am so very far behind. I will catch up though. I promise.

I am never going to catch up!

Things have been a little lax around here since we came home. I caught a cold at Glenmore and have been lethargic ever since. Resting on my laurels, I believed that I had plenty of time to write up the Aberdeen trip before we set off for home. Of course it has become something of a tradition that something crops up when I least expect it and this week was true to form, when we received a phone call asking if we could go and meet family at a Farm Shop/Restaurant down in North Yorkshire this weekend.

It isn’t far – the route could be as short as 120 miles, depending on which way we choose to go but of course we are speed-restricted and the driver needs breaks so we think setting off from here to be down there for 10:00 am would be a little too much for all concerned. That being so, we hatched a plan to drive down the day before and to stop overnight somewhere handy.

We picked on a pubstop on the A66, just two minutes drive from Sunday’s destination. Yes, it will be noisy overnight but we have earplugs at the ready. Actually, the Fox Hall Inn is not so much a pub these days and is more a Fish and Chip Restaurant – so there goes my vow to be good and to not eat any more F&C for a while…

So, that was two days out of my internally-planned schedule for going-home preparation. What had felt easily comfortable previously was beginning to feel pressing. Then Mr Snail proposed leaving on Friday and going as far as Metal Bridge…

Hey, ho. 

Galvanised into action, the tent is now looking fairly orderly inside and The Heap is reduced in size to something that looks as though a plain old Moho will do, rather than a proper TARDIS.

Yes, I admit there are four large cardboard boxes awaiting posting home… but it was the only way that I could see to cope with it all.  All are sealed and labelled and we will take them to the Post Office on our way out to Metal  Bridge tomorrow.  I do have a slight unease that has yet to be addressed. Can you still take Parcelforce-sized packages to Post Offices for dispatch?

I do hope so.

This is how things are shaping  up:

  • Friday : to Metal Bridge via Dalbeattie Post Office
  • Saturday : amble down to the Fox Hall Inn at East Layton
  • Sunday : breakfast date at  Mainsgill Farm then drive home
  • Monday : intercept the Gousto order, then panic about the fact that we have to leave Kippford on Friday at latest

Despite his having contracted my cold, Mr Snail has been busy this week with organisational matters, partly for our homeward trip but also largely for France later this year. The van insurance is renewed and cover for France has been verified. Our mobile Wi-fi solution is also upgraded for roaming in the EU.  (I am sure there has been more but I think I may not have been paying full attention between explosive bouts of sneezing.) Today he investigated what we laughingly refer to as our boot space and pulled everything out to see what was what. Then he put it all back again after agreeing with me that it will all be easier once the parcels have gone.  Thereafter he addressed himself to the filling and emptying of Vincent’s tanks ready for this weekend’s trip.

I will do my best to finish notes on the Aberdeen trip this very evening but please do not hold me to it – life has a habit of getting in the way!

I have Jacket Potatoes in the Remoska and they are smelling rather wonderful right now. We are going to have them “fully loaded”, which feels very naughty indeed.

Time for a change

So, we’re back and steady in one place and I have caught up, if only briefly on our adventures in recent weeks. Time, I think, to take stock and spruce up. I have a few posts and themes/page ideas that have been in my head for a while and I will try to get them out into the world sometime soon but first I think that both Hank and Teddy are long gone and it is high time that we had a new header image. I may need to consider setting up an appropriate shot but will find something that will do in the interim.

Maybe my first post should be  few notes comparing Hank and Vincent and their suitability as homes on wheels. Then I really want to begin a series on campervan cooking.

Outline planning for our trip home is happening in fits and starts, the main reason being that we keep digressing into next Winter’s European venture. We also have regular excursions into “where shall we go for a few days?” type conversations. It may be  a natural reaction to being parked up but that does not for one moment mean that I do not like it. I do. It is good not to have to rise early, pack up and move on… and I really do love being on this site, it is so beautiful and is a very relaxing place to be. Nell certainly loves it here.

Here’s a few suggestions for the temporary header, speak up  if you have  a view on it.