You can take the lass out of Yorkshire but you can’t take the pudding out of the lass

Today’s Remoska Adventure was the making of a good old-fashioned Toad in the Hole for our dinner. All the gory details may be found at Rumbletums.

Remoska update

We have been on hook-up for much of this trip and so I have been trying to put the Remoska through its paces. I have made a brief report on Rumbletums.

Blogging the Remoska

Whilst I am keen to document the details of our culinary triumphs and tribulations on the road, I have the idea that waffling on endlessly about the Remoska in particular really could be tiresome unless directed at folks who want to know about the Remoska. A new mini-blog is now in operation: Rumbletums

Blog posts will appear here and will mainly be confined to simply listing recipes or observations on recipes for the Remoska. I hope very much that other Remoska users will contribute and that we can create a resource expressly for traveling Remoska cooks.

Ours has arrived and has been tested. It appears to be working and we had a tasty toasted sandwich for our lunch today. Further testing may be delayed as current food stocks were ordered before we had the option of baking, grilling or roasting.