After our stopover in Adriers we ordered up some parts. The parcel arrived on Tuesday whilst we were out cavorting but The Driver was able to start work on Wednesday. (The grey waste issue was previously sorted on our arrival home from Adriers.) The hab door is now firmly held back when opened and no longer prey to capricious breezes. The broken roof vent came off only to discover that no screws were included with the new one, necessitating a trip to the local Brico store on Thursday as overnight rain was forecast and the job was in need of finishing.

The roof vent is now completed.

The bathroom door problem has not been reproduced since we came home.

A cargo net is waiting to be fitted. Once that is done then the current ticky list is completed. Our next trip may reveal further issues but we can at least hope that it does not.

We should be away some time in the next couple of weeks for a night or two, then we will start packing for a larger adventure.

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