TWO SNAILS (plus a dog and a dragon)

Point of Ayre

A small car park and picnic site to the Eastern end of Newark Bay, close to the Point of Ayre. The site is at the foot of Aikerskaill Road. Hard standing, pretty well level. Picnic table with sheltering wall around it.

ShieldedThoughtful wind shielding for the picnic table at Point of Ayre

Right at the water's edge, will be exposed to winds when in the wrong direction.

Bruni and Ted Parked up in the small car park/picnic site at Point of Ayre. Newark Bay

Footpaths to the Point of Ayre and back along to Newark Bay.

No facilities.

Fine view of Copinsay.

We have parked here for lunch but not stayed the night.

Point of Ayre Album

Last visited:

30th August 2015