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We are the Two Snails: Mr & Mrs. This web site is a record of our travels: firstly with with Brunhilde, a venerable FFB 660 Motorhome, and more recently with Hank, the Big Fat Yank, together with our dog, Nell and a small Welsh dragon by the name of Ceridwen. Our cat Teddy features in the early days though took his last trip in June 2016. This is a blog of our adventures on the road and will also offer some detail of sites and facilities as we meet them.
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CeridwenVan mascot made by Mywmyn

To bring us up to date:

A long time ago, we had a plan to sell up, to downsize and to go "full-timing" in a Motorhome. That did not happen - not quite yet. Brunhilde took quite a long time to show up, we bought her in August 2014 as a cheap and cheerful introduction to travel in a van. A proof of concept, if you like. Brunhilde is German and therefore caurie-haundit - she's left-hand drive. She is also of mature years, 22 when we bought her, and rather substantial at 6.6 metres long and suitably broad in the beam. Brunhilde had two former owners and we bought her from a gentleman in Caithness, via an eBay listing - sight unseen. We got lucky.
Bruni at LopnessFirst time out, trying her legs on a practice trip up the island

Mr Snail was in his pre-retirement phase and was working for only three days a week. The longer weekends gave us the opportunity to get out and about. Two night breaks gave way to three and four night breaks and then we attempted two weeks at a time, almost three on one trip. We grew to love her but realised that if we really did want to go full-time then she had some shortcomings.

Early in 2016 we went quite mad and bought an RV, Hank the Yank. Still not ready to go full-time, we will long-term in Hank until such time as we sell our house in Orkney. (Anybody want to buy an island retreat?)

This blog replaces the earlier Wordpress version of Two Snails, entirely due to the introduction of advertisements on free blogs hosted at The one thing that I can always promise you is that Brunhilde's travels will be free to enjoy, and will be unmarred by ads: we will not be asking you to fund our travels as some travelling bloggers do.

I will, over time, copy earlier entries into this site under a Category of Pre-history

 There is a facsimile of the old About page, from the earlier Wordpress blog here 

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