TWO SNAILS (plus a dog and a dragon)

Geo Slipway

The Geo Slipway on Deerness is a Community-built facility used by the Deerness Small Boat Owners Association. Visitors are encouraged to make a donation to its upkeep.

The site is at the lower/Western end of Newark Bay and is a rural setting, with cattle in adjacent fields, in an end-of-the-road situation, so no passing traffic. There is a small cliff-top car park above the slipway, with a picnic table sheltered by Rosa rugosa bushes. The site tilts slightly towards the sea and we have used ramps to level up. Lovely view over to Corn Holm and Copinsay with its little Calf alongside. A track runs along the cliff top to the SW but we have not tested it.

Further parking space exists down the way to the slip. It is well-used by dog walkers.

No further facilities exist but there is a poo bin, though none for ordinary rubbish.

Newark Bay has a mix of rock, boulder/pebble, sand and seaweed (which can be pretty smelly). Many birds. The slipways provide a place to play when the tide is in.

This is a working slip so you may expect to be woken by the sound of tractors towing boats at odd and early hours. The local youth sometimes gather in cars and on motorcycles on the slip.

Walks along the beach, or by the track above it to Newark Rd then footpath to Point of Ayre (Aikerskaill Rd.)

There is something very tranquil about this spot and it is one that we will return to again and again.

Last Visited:

28/29 August 2015

14/15 September 2014