Snail Spaces: Brahan Estate (CL)
Snail Spaces: Brahan Estate (CL)

Snail Spaces: Brahan Estate (CL)

A five-van CL, the Brahan Estate offers waste disposal and fresh water, peace and quiet and miles of walking.

Parking at Brahan is between the oak trees lining the drive

Parking is above the Ha-ha and under the old Oaks on a tree-lined drive. The pitches are undefined and there is masses of space in which to fit five units.

Plenty of space

The view across a barley field edged by trees with hills beyond is beautiful.

August 2017

Buzzards fly overhead, owls hoot in the night and shy deer visit from time to time. There is an arboretum to admire and a dog cemetery to visit. There are walks through woods and along the River Conon.

Out with Nell

Management is relaxed and informal.

A blissful spot to stay.

Last visited August 207

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