Adriers: Chemin du Bois Rivault 86430

Adriers has a little-known Aire de Camping car. Sited by the Stade and the Salle Polyvalente, it borders the Plan d’Eau leisure area. There are no water or waste facilities at the aire.

Adriers is a small town with an impressive fortified church, two bars. There is a medical centre and a pharmacy  but not a great deal else other than a rather magnificent leisure area with a fishing/swimming lake at its heart. The Aire gives direct access to this lovely area and it makes for a smashing evening/morning dog walk.  Dogs to be kept on a leash.

There is a Geocache (micro) in town.

There are public toilets, including disabled access and, during the bathing period, there are outside showers available.

For more vigorous exercise, there is free swimming in July and August and there are four circular walking routes, part of a larger network, starting from the village centre: Les Chaumes du Chapitre (PDF) These four routes range from 6.5 to 10 kilometres in length but more extensive routes can be generated from these and adjacent routes. Routes are clearly marked by finger posts but these tend to work only on the direction arrowed on the map. Going against the flow requires some vigilance.

Sited as it is on the edge of town, the aire might be expected to be very peaceful. It most probably is for much of the year but on a couple of very hot days (and nights) in August it was lively and quite noisy at times. The water pump squeaks and grinds when it is working, the old gents playing Petanque outside the Salle Polyvalente were excitable and voluble, the children playing in the swimming pool at the house that borders the aire were extremely raucous and once the bathing area at the Plan d’Eau had opened, the not so dulcet tones of  some very French families wafted across on the evening breeze. Church bells at 7 am followed early morning cockerels and then the dogs with separation anxiety began to bark and howl when their owners left for work…

All very French.

Les Tilleuls offers a Menu de Jour of four courses including fromage, plus wine for just €12. Les Tilleuls is also a convenience store as well as a bar and is a Depot du Pain. Get there early if you want bread as it is mostly pre-ordered. Should they sell out, Bussière-Poitevine has a boulangerie and is just five minutes away.

Free aires at both Bussière-Poitevine and nearby Lathus-Saint-Rémy have waste and water facilities. A commercial aire along the N147 at Moulismes charges for servicing but does offer a bar/friterie by the site.

Fisher permits by the day €6 or season €55 available from either of the bars, Les Tilleuls or Marie-Claire Bujot’s.

When we visited in August 2018 there was a prohibition notice on the swimming area, due to poor water quality. We were lucky in that on our second day the area was declared fit for bathing and opened up again. We sat and watched a council worker setting it up and were mightily relieved. It was very, very hot indeed. 

The swimming part of the lake is unsupervised but mostly shallow. The water was warm and the bottom sandy and free of weed.

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