A little ambition

We cycled to Vila do Bispo again today. This time we went out and back by the cycle route on the old road that runs alongside the new one. It’s not bad. I mean, it’s way better than the back road that we used last time, being tarmac. Mostly tarmac, anyway. Much of the road surface is missing and a careful eye is needed in order to avoid the more dangerous potholes. But it is quiet, a direct route and not too hilly.

As we pedalled we were musing upon the possibility of having a cycling holiday or several. There are many long distance routes in France and Spain. I was fancying the one that runs along the Loire valley – especially when tents were ruled out and B&B ruled in!

Mr Snail reckoned that better/more suitable bikes would be needed and I said that we (meaning, I) would need a degree of training first. I agreed that it would be fun to try it before we get too old.

We arrived at Lidl and went to the bike rack to park, to find a couple of rather more serious cyclists than us engaged in a puncture repair. As I dismounted with an audible "ouch" they asked if we had come far. I had to be honest and say "no". Mr Snail revealed the embarrassing truth: "just from Sagres, about 8 kilometres."

My bike app says it is 8.8 km.

It’s a /bumpy/ 8.8k. That’s my excuse!

Perhaps cycling the Loire is just a tad ambitious at this stage of the game?

Lidl provided pork tenderloin, pesto-stuffed gnocchi, tomato sauce and fresh salad… and a rather good wine. We dined well. The pork roasted in 15 minutes in the air fryer, plenty of time to assemble a salad and boil the gnocchi whilst simultaneously verifying the quality of the wine. The tenderloin is a wheeze that I need to remember for future van dining.

I love the ceramics on display at the Cape St Vincent lighthouse complex. Long time readers of mine may have seen photos taken last year… but I couldn’t resist doing it again. Would like to visit the studio where they are made. Perhaps it will be within cycling distance. #wp #sagres #portugal #cape st Vincent #ceramics

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We had read recommendations of the Almond Torte. Sad to say, it wasn’t all that. Overall, given the reputation of this place, sadly disappointed. It is under new Management, apparently. On the up side this does at least mean that they are open (on our previous two stays, they have been closed) We will give them another try before discarding completely. It may have been a bad day Do however love the ambience, vibrant and very local. Delta coffee too. Luuuuurrrrve Delta coffee! #wp #gastrovanners #gastrovanner #portugal #sagres #lunch #disappointment

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“Pudding” for him ,(Caramel Custard) #wp #gastrovanners #gastrovanner #portugal #sagres #flan #lunch #dessert

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Swordfish for me, Piri-Piri Chicken for him. Swordfish not a patch on the sublime example that we had recently at Casa Direccióne. A lot of it but lukewarm and dry/overcooked. Can’t say that I enjoyed it. Wouldn’t order it again. Too much to consume, left quite a lot. #wp #gastrovanners #gastrovanner #portugal #sagres #lunch #swordfish

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A cheeky little Portuguese Viognier. Very nice for a house wine. Portuguese wines are generally pretty good at the low end, we find. The better wines can be remarkable. A well kept secret? #wp #gastrovanner #gastrovanners #wine #portugal #sagres

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