Snail Spaces: Rowntree Park

A very busy city centre site adjacent to the river in York. Subject to flooding. Pitches are on hard standing and are close together. Facilities are generous and well kept, raised above flood levels so reached by steps or ramp.

Short walk into town by the riverside. Local shops accessible via locked gate from enclosure. Rowntree Park adjacent to site. Can be quite noisy.

Last visit: August 2017 cost £34 pn

Week 3: Working our way down

We bid farewell to the peace of Sweethope with some reluctance but had in prospect the excitement of a trip on the preservation railway in Alston, so left in good spirits – though not before we struggled to pay our dues. At Sweethope you pay when you go but we found a “Gone to Hexham” sign in the window. There were envelopes available to leave the money but no sign to tell us how much to pay. we rang the contact mobile number, determined the cost as £13, and left the cash.

As we approached Alston the Diversion signs were out. We knew the diversion from a previous encounter. It is a long and awkward one to go around and miss a few yards of street closure in the centre of Alston. We made a rapid decision to miss out the railway and head straight over to Teesdale.

Hot dog

It was chilly up at Cow Green and the weather was not terrific, though we kept dry when taking Nell for a walk. It was not sufficiently good to feel that we wanted to go ahead with the planned barbeque though. I made hot dogs in the van and we sat and watched the sun sink and the sky clear over from Cumbria.

On Wednesday we travelled down to York, where we stayed at the Caravan and Motorhome Club’s Rowntree Park site and the following day popped over to Pocklington for a couple of nights at The Mile farm shop.

The Mile Farm Shop

On Saturday we put a few miles on, making our way down to Cambridgeshire, where we stayed two nights at the National Trust’s camp site at Houghton Mill.

Houghton Mill

Tomorrow we leave Houghton and go to France. We will head for the Aire in Canterbury and park up there until it is time to go for our shuttle.

Cottages in Houghton

It is hard to believe that it is finally happening and that we truly are off to France after so much anticipation and planning.