A Savoury Change

The site at Houghton Mill offers the added bonus of a National Trust Tea Room just a few steps away from the pitch. We had  a tour of the working flour mill and then went to sample the scones made from the mill’s product.

The tea room does a Cream Tea in both its regular guise and also as a savoury version. We both opted to try the latter,

The Cheese Scone was beautifully made, though was rather lacking in the cheese department for my particular taste and was on the small side when compared to many NT scones. It was served with a small plastic pot of Mascarpone Cheese and a second pot with caramelised red onion chutney, No butter. 

The pot of tea was generously sized but came without a jug of water.

Counter service, no table service available. Staff split between cheerful and helpful and surly and awkward. 

Points For:

  • the quality of the bake
  • the thoughtful provision of a savoury cream tea version
  • well-made pot of tea with at least three cupfuls in it
  • little storage jars on the table with mixed brown and white sugar lumps and sugar tongs – a nice touch
  • View of the river and swans thereon

Points Against:

  • Nasty plastic pots for the “cream” and the “jam”
  • Minimal provision where the Mascarpone was concerned
  • No water for the tea
  • Lack of general cheesiness
  • The nasty disposable butter scraper
  • Counter service
  • Poor ambience, coupled with high noise levels