Farewell to Portugal

Portugal in general has not agreed with us, though we did enjoy a lengthy stop in Sagres and that was agreeable enough. The weather was mainly perfect though turned cloudy the day before we left and the early morning start was quite chilly. When I say “chilly” we were in truth still in short sleeves,though actual shorts had been abandoned.

Our start was for us an uncharacteristically early one. There were two reasons for this and the more important was the weather forecast. With flood warnings out we wanted to be safely parked on hard standing before the rain began.
The second reason was the altogether more exciting prospect of a possible Kings’ Day parade… apparently most Spanish towns of any size put on a parade. We had been unable to confirm one at Gibraleón but me and my camera were living in hope. Would rain stop play? Only time would tell.
We were out of Sagres by 09:00 and expecting to be resetting the clock by 11:00. Would the lunch hour disappear?

Arriving at the Gibraleón aire at 12:30 local time, our tummies were in no mood for disappearing lunches but Nell came first in our priorities. A footpath nearby provided Nell and Mr Snail with some exercise. I meanwhile contemplated the metal fence around us. Not the most attractive Aire that we have ever used but possibly the most secure feeling. Fenced and right by the police station!

Exploration of the town showed that we missed the parade by 24 hours.
Later we sat in a thunderstorm and learned that our house offer had been unsuccessful.

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