TWO SNAILS (plus a dog and a dragon)


This article first appeared elsewhere on March 4th, 2008. What was true then is most likely not true today when I reposted it here.

I went out last evening, leaving Mr Snail alone with the cats and dogs. When I came home, he had a big surprise for me. “I have worked out a way for us to go in only three years’ time,” he said. I can see that I am going to have to stay home more often. Surprises like that are not good for my equilibrium. It feels too soon, for me. I want to stay here longer and have longer to prepare in. On the other hand, I see that five or six years is a very long time in which to keep a good plan simmering. I need to think about it.

 Apologies I know that the back story to all this needs writing – “coming soon” is not very helpful. Trust me, I will do it, I have just been a bit swamped recently. I want to do it justice and write it well, because it could just turn out to be fascinating reading if I do it correctly.

COMMENT: Phew, I'm glad nothing came of that! As for the back story, it was never written. I'm not sure I could tell you now what it was. There is a facsimile of the old About page, from the earlier Wordpress blog here.

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This article first appeared elsewhere on March 3rd, 2008. What was true then is most likely not true today when I reposted it here.

I wrote elsewhere yesterday that I am an inveterate blogger. Absolutely convulsed this morning when I was thinking about that, and the stray thought entered my head that I am now an invertebrate blogger. Well, it amused me.

Comment: Actually, yes, still amused.

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Mobile Library

This article first appeared elsewhere on March 2nd, 2008. What was true then is most likely not true today when I reposted it here.

Since the idea of going travelling was mooted I have, of course, given much serious thought to the pros and the cons. High on the list of cons will be the loss of my library. Admittedly, my library has been shrinking as we have made our way North over the years. Various charity shops and friends have done well out of my de-stuffing, each time we packed the house-moving boxes. I do still have five Billy bookcases stuffed to overflowing, and various heaps of unconstrained books around the house. It is obvious that my books cannot go with me but I cannot just ditch them, not all of them. What about my Folio collection, for instance? I spent many years collecting my Folio editions in preparation for retirement. Ironic then that in true retirement, I shall not be able to have my horribly expensive collection with me. I hope to find a like minded soul with room to store some book cartons for a few years until I come safely home again. It is equally obvious that I shall need some books with me at all times. I cannot not read. Space and weight considerations mean that not many can be carried at any one time. Financial constraints will mean that ad hoc purchasing and subsequent disposal will also be off the agenda. Local libraries will not offer the solution, as I shall be of No Fixed Abode and unable to earn borrowing privileges. Which leaves Bookcrossing. It may make a merry pastime, to chase books in the wild in strange and foreign places. Over the next couple of years I will complete the task of listing my entire library at the Bookcrossing site. Then I shall have to release into the wild in quantity. It will be a massive job. I hope to offer books to requesters on a permanent basis, for free – with postage paid by the requestor. I shall post the list here also. Ob: The Billy collection will also be up for grabs

Comment: Needless to say, the task of listing all my books was just too overwhelming and I didnot get around to it. The process of de-stuffing did actually begin and my library is reduced to fewer bookcases. I cannot bear to part with any Folio editions. What is new is that I have a Kindle now and also an Android phone that I can read books on. I also joined Audible. I shall not be short of reading or literary entertainment when on the road and a Kindle is certainly compact! I'm glad that I re-read this post and reminded myself of the opportunities of Bookcrossing.

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