TWO SNAILS (plus a dog and a dragon)

If it is Tuesday, this must be... Borth

[Previously, it was Easter]

On Tuesday morning I went to express my thanks to the Wood Office folks before left. The lady of the establishment was so warm and endearingly charming. I hope that we manage to return to the site one day.

Over breakfast, Mr Snail had backtracked and decided to keep trying Hank out for a little longer, so instead of heading back to Cheltenham we consulted a map and plumped for Borth. Armed with local knowledge we skirted Narberth and, our sense of adventure having gone missing by this stage, drove straight to Borth without stops or detours.

Hank at BorthOn a rainy evening

By the time that we arrived in Borth, where we chose to overnight on a rough car park at the far end of the village, it was tipping down. We put the levellers down and made a coffee and sat for ages, just watching the size of the flood on the road outside the golf course growing and contemplating the idea of a fish supper.

Golf ClubOur neighbours for the night

The rain lessened around tea-time and so we donned waterproofs, harnessed up the dog, grabbed the camera and a shopping bag and went in search of some bottles of the local brew.

There is one road through Borth, it goes in at one end of the village and comes out at the other. There is a sea wall cum promenade that runs through a large part of the village and makes the walking easier. 

BorthOn a rainy evening as we set off in search of beer and a cod supper

As we walked along the prom we were delighted to spot a red kite over the houses that line the single street. I tried to whip a camera out but, alas...

We had to walk the entire length of the village in order to find some, which meant that we had to walk the same distance back again, with bottles clanking. 

Borth when the sun came outHurrah!

We chose to walk along the beach coming back and were rewarded by seeing the better weather breaking in front of us.

Having seen the chip shop on our way along to find the beer we had decided to eat something else for supper...

Borth has a largely run-down appearance and there was much evidence of flood damage but the village does not lack charm. There were aspects of the place that put me in mind of Hebden Bridge and so I named it "Hebden by the Sea"

Hebden on SeaBorth reminded me in several ways of Hebden Bridge

Wednesday dawned brightly, with some evidence of overnight frost. 

Hank at BorthWhat a difference a day makes - so much nicer with the sunn it

We were not planning to travel far and I had time to whip out the camera and go in search of a fossilised forest that I had been told was somewhere on the beach. Although there was ample evidence of sodden lumps of old wood lying around all over the place, I failed to find the forest, though I did find some wood...

Can see the wood but not the treesOld jetty, by the looks of it, not a fossilised forest.

The Borth album:

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