TWO SNAILS (plus a dog and a dragon)

Getting to grips

It has not escaped my attention that I am way behind on updating this blog. Not only have I not written up the last trip that we took (in June) but I have gaps going back almost two years now.

It is Koken that is my problem. I want to use Koken and I believe that it looks stunning at the front end but the back end is slow. Worse than that it is difficult to map out a decent structure for  a blog with Koken. It handles text, certainly, but it is built for images.

It was not simply Koken's good looks that led me to use it for Two Snails but also the fact that Mr Snail wished to have no truck with Wordpress on his shiny new server. We are presently renegotiating on that position. I can struggle on with Koken from my desk but when we drive off in a few weeks' time everything will become so much more difficult with mobile comms in use.

For now I am left wondering whether or not to invest time and effort in catching up with our travels or to defer matters until I can sort out a WP installation.

For now, all the news that is fit to print:
  • The new RV has been christened: Hank, the Yank
  • I have created a Twitter account associated with this blog:
  • We are not now going Full-time immediately
  • The house is not yet prepared for sale, though we are happy to enter into discussion with any interested parties at any time
  • Mr Snail retires imminently - at the time that I write this he has only 9 days left at his desk, plus 2 further working days spent days travelling to and from his office in Manchester.
  • We have booked a pitch for the winter so that Hank will not be subject to the worst of Orkney weather and scoured by salt winds. He's a little too precious (aka expensive) for that
  • This makes us officially long-termers for the immediate future
  • Next spring we return to Sanday and  prepare the house and market it
  • We go Full-time as soon as we can sell the property
  • Long time readers should know that the cast of this blog is now much reduced. In fact we are two cats short, both Treacle and Teddy having left us and also one dog less since Suzie also died. There's just us and Nell now. Tales of Teddy's last days will be along as soon as I can write them.

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