TWO SNAILS (plus a dog and a dragon)

Home again, or home from home

We took off in Brunhilde to see an RV in Gloucestershire, having already paid our deposit in the expectation of liking the van and ultimately buying it. The vendor had other models that we could transfer the deposit to but Mr Snail felt that this would be the one.

We left home on Thursday evening, the 17th of March, planning to take a week over the trip to Gloucestershire and stopping on the way to visit family. We had an appointment with the vendor on the morning of the 23rd. 

The dealer's normal turnaround period is ten days but he indicated as the vehicle already had a lengthy MOT certificate, he could shorten this to "a couple of days". We outlined a plan that involved visiting a friend in Newbury before returning to collect the van, do the swap and then spend a few nights fairly locally in case any bugs emerged. After that we would tour the coast of Wales before heading home again to start work on 11th April. Should things go well we planned to spend a couple of nights in the Forest of Dean.

In the event, we had the van the day after we viewed it, the friend in Newbury had to cancel, and all plans were revamped. Details all to follow.

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