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A word or several on choosing our new home

I wrote this a few weeks and did not get around to posting it.

What are we looking for in our new home?


  • From a non-smoking family
Basic requirements:
  • Ideally under 9 metres in length as some sites restrict pitches to vehicles of no more than 9 metres
  • Non-HGV
  • Dual fuel with LPG
  • Winterised
  • Auto levelling feet
  • Fixed bed, island
  • as much kitchen worktop and storage as we can get
Our final choice will be likely to have:
  • an oven and grill
  • a modicum of seating - one sofa would be good but we don't need two or any armchairs
  • a minimum of soft furnishings
Ideally it will:
  • have a sizeable "garage" but we'll settle for lots of roomy external lockers
  • have hard floorings not carpet
  • be sensible colours that don't show dirt, not white or cream
  • sport a minimum of mirrors - no mirrored locker doors for instance
  • an absence of televisions. THREE is just STUPID
Extra Points for:
  • table between front seats when turned round
  • a good sound system
  • central vacuum cleaning system - yes, really, I've seen one!

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