TWO SNAILS (plus a dog and a dragon)

Prepping, primping and preening Brunhilde

Everything feels as though it has been at odds since we came home from Deerness. We were so certain that a cancellation of my Jury service would be awaiting us that we were completely knocked back not to find it so. I started emptying and cleaning the van, and we progressed itinerary planning down to fine detail in the hope that the lack of a Monday post meant that the notice would come on Tuesday. It did not. All the outline plans we had generated while we were away, for scarpering to Scotland for Mr Snail's holidays, were scuppered.

At this point I sort of lost heart with the turnaround process.

Mr Snail did his tasks with the waste and also checked underneath the van. At her MOT Brunhilde picked up an Advisory on her exhaust mountings. Investigation showed that she had lost three of her six mountings and that the remainder are in poor condition - a new set was immediately ordered. We await delivery.

We made the decision to request a change of leave dates from Mr Snail's employer and rejigged the itinerary. Then we checked availabilities and found one of the sites we had chosen to be booked up when we wanted to be there. Worse still, the club site we were heading to appeared on our itinerary just 24 hours after our membership runs out.  The membership came free with Bruni's insurance last year and we do not plan to extend it as they have no sites up here. We'll join the other club.

Outline Itinerary350 miles-ish

So, we considered bringing our departure forward. Then we noticed that cases had been listed for the Wednesday of my week in court. I rang up to find out if my service was just for the Monday or for the week of that date. I was told that my Jury had been cancelled. A letter would be with me either yesterday or today.

Well, hurrah - clearly we could have maintained our original plans but having changed leave dates once, Mr L was not inclined to annoy his manager by moving them back again.

Postie has called and my letter has not arrived. We were both concerned about making firm bookings without hard evidence of my freedom. What to do? I emailed and asked for written confirmation, which has now arrived.

I'm free.

Which means that I had better get myself back into gear and go and make up Bruni's bed, clean the sinks and shower and mop the floor before making a packing list of clothes for myself and food for the cupboards.

Our next adventure is on.

Before we go to Scotland again I really should complete writing up our last year's trip. Only 12 months late, but who is counting.

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