TWO SNAILS (plus a dog and a dragon)

Shell Acquisition

This article first appeared elsewhere on August 17th, 2014. What was true then may not be true today when I reposted it here.

As I write this post, Mr Snail is making payment on the van. He hopes to pick it up on Wednesday and should be home with it on Thursday morning if all goes according to plan -- though much depends on ferry bookings. He will sleep in the van on mainland Orkney on Wednesday night. Quite the adventure.

 The van is a Tabbert FFB Classic 660 on a Fiat chassis - all of that may be disordered, I do not have a clue really but all the essential naming components are there in some order or other. It is a 1992 model and has had three owners, the last two of which were non-smoking. 

 We hope to make our first trip in the coming two weeks - just a short jaunt, spending one or two nights on the big island - just finding our feet. 

 Over the next couple of years we hope to have long weekends in Orkney and Sutherland and perhaps a couple of longer trips to go further Sooth. By the time that full retirement comes around we should have our van suitably furnished and stocked and our routines sorted out and be ready to go off for a month or more at a time. 

 We need passports for ourselves and for Nell the dog. I doubt we'll be going far afield any time before Suzie leaves us. 

 I am going to begin a page on which to keep a bucket list of Places to Go, Things to Do, People to See.

Comment: The Bucket List already has a few ticks against it. Coming soon will be reports on trips to West and East Mainland Orkney, copied from Woolgathering. Fresh material will begin here when I write up our forthcoming trip to Sutherland.

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