TWO SNAILS (plus a dog and a dragon)


This article first appeared elsewhere on March 4th, 2008. What was true then is most likely not true today when I reposted it here.

I went out last evening, leaving Mr Snail alone with the cats and dogs. When I came home, he had a big surprise for me. “I have worked out a way for us to go in only three years’ time,” he said. I can see that I am going to have to stay home more often. Surprises like that are not good for my equilibrium. It feels too soon, for me. I want to stay here longer and have longer to prepare in. On the other hand, I see that five or six years is a very long time in which to keep a good plan simmering. I need to think about it.

 Apologies I know that the back story to all this needs writing – “coming soon” is not very helpful. Trust me, I will do it, I have just been a bit swamped recently. I want to do it justice and write it well, because it could just turn out to be fascinating reading if I do it correctly.

COMMENT: Phew, I'm glad nothing came of that! As for the back story, it was never written. I'm not sure I could tell you now what it was. There is a facsimile of the old About page, from the earlier Wordpress blog here.

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