Joan of Arc, I think. Mont Saint Michel

Joan of Arc, I think. Mont Saint Michel

2 thoughts on “Joan of Arc, I think. Mont Saint Michel

  1. Mont St Michel is another stopover that really needs a Gallery all of its own once time and practical matters fall into alignment

    1. Mr. & Mrs. Snail, I’ve been using Cumulus & MX for 6 years now and feel like I am part of the family. At one time I had been thinking that during my travels I might wander to Northern Scotland and visit Sanday on Orkney. Didn’t make it but this year we decided to make a Pilgrimage to Lourdes and Fatima. Then You updated your travel plans and it looked like we would be in France around the same time as you. I’ve just discovered that we crossed path’s at Mont Saint Michel. We visited on the 4th. It’s amazing how the improbable happens so frequently.
      Any way, thought the coincidence was worthy of an email.
      Wishing you safe travels.
      Steve Richards

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